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We specialise in the production of GRP pipes, fittings and special products

What we produce


The Rorex pipe range includes: uniaxial pipes for underground applications, biaxial pipes for above ground applications, sandless pipes and jacking pipes for special applications.

Joining elements

Rorex manufactures a wide range of standard and customised restricted and unrestricted jointing elements used for both standard joints between two GRP pipes or GRP with other materials.


Rorex manufactures a wide range of fittings to complement straight pipe when a change in direction or a change in the outside diameter of the pipe occurs, or at the junction between two pipes.

Special products

Rorex supplies special GRP products such as manholes, drinking and waste water tanks or biological modules.


ROREX PIPE SRL (formerly Grandpipe Romania SRL) started its activity in November 2014 as the sole representative for Romania of the GRP/PAFSIN pipe and fittings manufacturer – GRANDPIPE. In June 2018 ROREX started production in Romania glass fiber reinforced polyester pipes with silica sand filler (GRP) under Faratec license. They are produced using a continuous advancing mandrel process, the most technologically advanced method of GRP pipe production today.

The company profile occupies a total area of 36,200 m2 with a built-up area of 4,250 m2. The factory and offices are located in Buftea, Ilfov county, Romania.

Our company manufactures GRP pipes in a wide range of diameters, pressures and stiffness classes. It also produces various types of fittings and special GRP products.

Higher stiffness classes and shorter or longer lengths (up to 13.4 m) than standard can be manufactured on request.

ROREX cooperates with Faratec for the pipe system and technology, having sales and collaborations on both domestic and international markets. Faratec was established in 1992 and has extensive experience in GRP pipes as well as in the composites sector. The manufactured pipes cover all categories of conveyed water, categories for special process applications and for the transport of petrochemicals. R&D studies and high-performance technology developed in the Faratec Technology Centre have enabled Faratec to fulfill orders for more than 10,000 km of pipes all over the world – Europe, the MENA region, the CIS region and Asia.

ROREX products meet all the requirements of local and international standards such as CEN, ISO, AWWA, ASTM, BSI.


10 years

of uninterrupted activity, underlining its firm commitment to innovation and excellence in the pipe and fittings industry.


International certifications

Rorex Pipe SRL has strengthened its reputation in the global market by obtaining international certifications attesting to the high quality and compliance of its products with strict industry standards.


Direct producer

As a direct manufacturer, Rorex Pipe SRL manufactures advanced processed products using state-of-the-art technologies to provide efficient and sustainable piping solutions.

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Our team has the richest experience in Romania in the production and marketing of GRP pipes and fittings.