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Rorex Pipe SRL

Success through quality.

Exclusive representation in Romania

of PAFSIN/GRP pipe and fittings manufacturer – GRANDPIPE.

Start of production in Romania

of glass fiber reinforced polyester pipes with silica sand filler (GRP) under Faratec licence.

Use of continuous filament winding technology

state-of-the-art GRP pipe production.

Developing a cooperative business

with Faratec for the pipe system and technology.

Application of Faratec experience

in the composites and PAFSIN/GRP pipe sector since 1992.

Contribution to successful achievements

in high-performance technology and research and development (R&D) studies, thanks to the Faratec Technology Centre.


10 years

of uninterrupted activity, underlining its firm commitment to innovation and excellence in the pipe and fittings industry.

International certifications

Rorex Pipe SRL has strengthened its reputation in the global market by obtaining international certifications attesting to the high quality and compliance of its products with strict industry standards.


Direct producer

As a direct manufacturer, Rorex Pipe SRL manufactures advanced processed products using state-of-the-art technologies to provide efficient and sustainable piping solutions.

No project too big or too small

Rorex Pipe SRL distinguishes itself in the pipe and fittings manufacturing industry through its ability to operate as a direct manufacturer of processed products. By adopting the continuous filament winding technology, which is state-of-the-art in GRP pipe production today, the company has succeeded in positioning itself as a leader in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced polyester pipes with silica sand filler (GRP). This approach not only allows Rorex to maintain tight control over the quality and performance of its products, but also provides flexibility in adapting to the specific requirements of its customers, ensuring customized and innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Rorex Pipe SRL’s commitment to innovation is underpinned by its close collaboration with Faratec, a partner with extensive experience in GRP pipes and composites. This cooperation has enabled the company to constantly improve its production processes and integrate research and development (R&D) into the creation of products that meet the most demanding international standards. By focusing on continuous development and adoption of advanced technological solutions, Rorex Pipe SRL reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation, strengthening its position as a leading manufacturer in the pipe and fittings industry.

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10 years of innovation and excellence at Rorex Pipe

Rorex Pipe SRL, formerly known as Grandpipe Romania SRL, has reached a significant milestone in the pipe industry, celebrating 10 years of uninterrupted activity.


Rorex Pipe products have exceeded our expectations in terms of durability and

“The technical support and quality of Rorex products has reinforced our confidence in their innovative solutions for all our pipe related needs.”

“Working with Rorex Pipe has revolutionized the efficiency of our infrastructure projects, providing unparalleled solutions.”